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Auctions & Asking the Right Questions

by Shawn Terrel, Vice President, UCAS

United Country jumped into the world of real estate auctions three years ago, and more of our local offices get involved with auctioneers every day. Though this method of real estate marketing is become common

Auction Marketing – “But Your Advertising Didn’t Say That?”

The auction industry is rapidly growing and changing.  Inadequate preparation prior to bidding from new auction participants, as well as the growing epidemic of an “all sales are NOT final” belief system, has caused a shift in the simplicity of

Farmland continued to gain value in 2012


Many people predicted that farmland values would finally begin to decline in 2012, after nearly 20 years of growth. But, according to the USDA, the historic increase in farmland values continued in 2013. United Country sales volumes in the farm

Who is Buying Vacation, Second Home and Recreational Real Estate?

As we’ve stated in previous articles, Americans are purchasing vacation real estate, second homes and recreational property at a more rapid rate than in recent years. FromMinnesota to Southern Florida, Americans are once again pursuing vacation property while the conditions

Find Your Freedom Friday: Dan Duffy

Every week we’re going to share a story with you from someone who’s found their freedom with United Country. From buyers to sellers, from

brokers to managers – everyone in the United Country family has a story. Today’s post comes from